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Corvo Astral: a Discord Bot that provides lots of information about Wakfu

By Markzs#9189 - MEMBER - September 22, 2020, 01:45:01
Hey, there!
I've just finished updating Corvo Astral to an internationalized version so everyone can use this bot on their own discord server.

With this bot is possible to:
  • Check today's Almanax Bonus
  • Receive the Almanax Bonus daily on a given channel
  • Search equipment by rarity and name
  • Search sublimation by name, type, source and slot combination
  • Search recipes by name
  • Create and join party listings that are posted on a given channel
  • Calculate attack damages

You can check out all features and how to install/use on its GitHub Page:
Feel free to contribute o/

Note: the name Corvo Astral is a reference to a guild which I belong to named Corvos de Efrim
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Hi, this is awesome, thank you so very much!!!

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Thanks! Let me know if you need help while using it

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I would like that when you perform the command ".config set lang=[lang]", the almanax bonus and the other things, are translated into that language.
If that could be done, it would be the best discord bot of all without a doubt.
This bot's a good job, but it would be better if it were internationalized.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback!
Some commands don't support internationalization, such as `.alma` because the content consumed is not available in all languages. (see
Others (such as .party) would require big changes in the code because they use fixed words as references (like knowing which group we're joining or leaving).
Since the project is Open Source, help into developing these features is very welcome o/

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