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Corvo Astral: a Discord Bot that provides lots of information about Wakfu

By Markzs - MEMBER - September 22, 2020, 01:45:01
Hey, there!
I've just finished updating Corvo Astral to an internationalized version so everyone can use this bot on their own discord server.

With this bot is possible to:
  • Check today's Almanax Bonus
  • Receive the Almanax Bonus daily on a given channel
  • Search equipment by rarity and name
  • Search sublimation by name, type, source and slot combination
  • Search recipes by name
  • Create and join party listings that are posted on a given channel
  • Calculate attack damages

You can check out all features and how to install/use on its GitHub Page:
Feel free to contribute o/

Note: the name Corvo Astral is a reference to a guild which I belong to named Corvos de Efrim
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