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Wakmanax, the Discord Bot which gives you the Almanax!

By mininbob50 - MEMBER - May 25, 2020, 11:47:47

Hi everyone !Today I present to you a new Discord bot for the Almanax: Wakmanax!

water Wakmanax, what is it?
Wakmanaxis a bot for discord developed in NodeJS on the basis of the Discord.js library allowing to retrieve and display in a message informations about the almanax of the day (name, description, lore and the bonus).

water Invite the bot
First of all, a bot is not invited by giving it the invitation link of a server.
Yep, it's too stupid to press a button fear.
To invite the bot on your server, you must use this link:
You will then only have to enter the server where you want to invite it. And here it is, it is present on the server!
water Permissions
As you probably know, Discord has a system of rights and permissions. And bots are no exception.
During the invitation, a specific role for Wakmanax is automatically created in order to apply the necessary rights to it.
You can manage the rights of this role according to the channel, you can also manage the rights of the bot specifically on each channel.
The bot needs 3 rights:

  • Read messages from the selected channel
  • Write in the chosen channel
  • Integrate links in the chosen channel

The last permission is required in order to add the images, hosted on a server. There will be no links other than images.

waterConfigure the bot
In order to configure the bot for your server, and you want to use it in English, you must type the command:
a!configure en #the-chosen-channel
(the "en" designating the English language).
This will configure the bot on the channel you have previously created / chosen. And there you go, the bot is ready and will work on its own!

There are several commands for Wakmanax, but only one is usually useful.
The commands for Wakmanax: (prefix "a!")
  • a!configure  {language} {#channel}
configure the channel where the bot will post
  • a!retry
Fire the almanax on the configurated channel.
Usefull if you need to test your configuration
  • a!reset
resets the bot (it will no longer post a message until the a!configure command has been used again)
There is no need to use a!reset to reconfigure a channel, you can use a!configure to change the message destination channel and the language.

I hope it will helps you going through your journey!
I wish you a good day,  night, whatever.

water Elio-Centrique, the Great Souague water
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Using it in our guild discord server, working perfectly! Great Job!

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It is possible to omit description and lore?

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