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Wakstuff, the discord bot that stuff your server

By mininbob50 - MEMBER - December 04, 2019, 16:14:07

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night people!

Today I present to you a Bot for your Discord servers: WakStuff!

waterWakStuff, what is it?
Wakstuff is a bot for discord developed in NodeJS on the basis of the Discord.JS library allowing to retrieve and display in a message the information of the equipment present in the game (name, level, description, stats, etc ...).
It is also able to compare two pieces of equipment in order to show the bonuses lost and gained according to the equipment.

arguments between {} are required, while arguments between [] are optional. These symbols do not need to be written.

- w!configure {language} {prefix}: Configure the bot to use the given prefix and language. This command can be used even if the bot is already configured.
- w!language [language]: Gives the current language. If language is given, change the current language to the one given.
- w!prefix [prefix]: Gives the current prefix. if prefix is ​​given, change the current prefix to the one given.

- w!search {something}: Search for an object with "something" in its name and return its description and statistics.
- w!compare: Starts the procedure for comparing two objects.

- w!help: send a help message in the channel.

- w!almanax: Gives the almanax of the day.

You can make suggestions by joining the discord dedicated to WakStuff and Wakmanax bots:

waterParticipate in the project
The project is open source! You can find the sources of the Bot on the dedicated Github!

waterInvite the Bot
You can invite the bot to your Discord server by clicking on the link below:
The bot does not require any special permission, but don't forget to give it a role that allows it to read and write, and send links in the necessary channels wink

Hope you like the bot!

I wish you a good day, afternoon, night,
waterElio-Centrique, the Grand Souaguewater

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Good morning all.
A very big update was done.
Here is the changelog:


WakStuff is now under NodeJS. The bot is now faster and will have less connection problems.

- The "version" command is deleted. Honestly, who was using it?
- The "object" command is removed in favor of "search", which is much more functional.

- New command: "prefix". Used to retrieve the current prefix. If given an argument, replace the prefix for the argument.
example: w! prefix ~ will change the prefix "w!" in "~"
- New command: "configure". Allows you to configure the language and the prefix at the same time.
example: w! configure en ~

- The "setLanguage" command is now called "language". It allows you to retrieve the current language as well as modify the language, in the same way as "prefix"
- The "compare" command no longer uses argument. A procedure is now fired to find the objects you want to compare.
Fewer error messages, fewer complications!
- The "help" command has received a little big facelift.
- The "almanax" command now returns the Almanax to the current channel. It is similar to the messages from Wakmanax.

If you notice any bugs or "incomplete features", please let me know!
Good use of WakStuff.

waterElio-Centrique, the Great Souaguewater

PS: The main message has been updated.

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Neat, but i think it gives the wrong stats on some items (like zinit hat souvenir).

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Yeah, it was a residue of some tests that I forgot to delete, it should work fine for now!

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