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Wakstuff, the discord bot that stuff your server

By mininbob50 - MEMBER - December 04, 2019, 16:14:07

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night people!

Today I present to you, with a little (big) delay, a Bot for your Discord server: WakStuff!

waterWakStuff, what is it?
Wakstuff is a bot for discord developed in Ruby on the basis of the DiscordRb library allowing to retrieve and display in a message informations of the equipments present in game (name, level, description, stats, etc ...).
It is also able to compare two pieces of equipment to show the lost and earned bonuses depending on the equipment. (still In development).

water Commands
The default bot prefix is: w!

  • w!version: displays the version of the Bot.
  • w!object {rarity} {name}: displays information about the gear in an "embed message".
  • w!compare {rarity 1} {name 1} {rarity 2} {name 2}: display a comparison between two gears, and give you the amout of bonuses lost or gained
  • w! setLanguage {en / fr}: change the language of the Bot. Available languages: FR and EN.
  • w!help: gives the list of commands
  • w!almanax: Retrieves the Almanax day bonus
  • w!search {something}: Allows you to look in names if {something} is contained, then asks you to choose one from the list returned.

water Roadmap
There are already some improvements to add to the bot that are planned:
  •  improve the comparison in order to show the statistics gained and lost on each equipment

water Suggestions
You can suggest features and other suggestions in response or by contacting me with all the possible ways (Discord, IG, etc ...).
All ideas are interesting to hear. (if they stay in touch with Wakfu).

water Participate in the project
The project is open source! You can find the Bot sources on the dedicated Github!

water Invite Bot
You can invite the bot to your Discord server by clicking on the link below:
The bot does not require any special permission, but do not forget to give it a role that allows it to read and write in the necessary channels wink

water Support
You can find a support for the usage of this bot on this discord server:
You can also give bug reports or suggestion about it !

Hoping that you like the bot!
For now it is hosted on a machine not powerful, do not hesitate to contact me in case the bot does not work anymore!

I wish you a good day,  night, whaterver.

water Elio-Centrique, the Great Souague water


Version BETA V0.1 Gobball:
  • New features:
    • Added a command to know the Almanax day bonus: w!almanax
  • Bugf ix:
    • Fixed a Webhook vulnerability

Version BETA V0.2 Moogr:
  • News:
    • Adding the command w!search {something}. Allows you to search in all object names {something}, then offers to choose one from the list returned. This command allows to find an item without necessarily knowing the full name.
  • Consolidation:
    • The language is now configurable by server!
  • Bug fixes:
    • Various bug fixes
    • a new README is available! Much more complete, it is available (in English) on the Github of the project
  • translations
    • The translations have been updated.

Version BETA V0.3 Grinch: (to be in the theme of Kwistmas)
  • Consolidation:
    • the w! compare command has been completely redone! Here is a small example:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Various bug fixes
  • Translations:
    • The translations have been updated.
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