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By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 11, 2019, 17:55:46

Hello everyone,

In response to growing demand, we've set about offering you a set of in-game data in JSON format so you can bring your wildest and most creative projects to life.

These data will be versioned so you can update your projects at your pace along with WAKFU updates. Once the variables have been replaced, they will be available at the following link:{version}/{type}.json

The current version can be found here ( and replaces "version". You can use a version prior to the current version, but it is recommended that you update your projects based on the changes made with each update.

{type} should be replaced by a keyword based on the type of data you're interested in. The current types are as follows:

  • actions: contains the descriptions of effect types (HP loss, AP boost, etc.)
  • equipmentItemTypes: contains the definitions of types of equipment and their associated positions
  • itemProperties: contains the properties that can be applied to items
  • items: contains the data on items, their effects, names, descriptions, etc. To be cross-referenced with the data from actions, equipmentItemTypes and itemProperties.
  • states: contains the translation of the states used by the equipment

Since the data in the itemProperties JSON are only available in French, here are the translations:
- 1: Treasure Item (special interface)
- 7: Shop Item (item available only in the shop)
- 8: relic, only one item with this property can be equipped at a time
- 12: epic, only one item with this property can be equipped at a time
- 13: non-recyclable (cannot be placed in a crusher)
- 19: has an epic gem slot
- 20: has a relic gem slot

We are already planning to add other data, but we don't want to announce any dates at the moment. We'll notify you of these additions in this post.

We recommend downloading the data rather than using them directly via our servers in order to spare your connection. For example, "items.json" weighs more than 20 Mo. If you have trouble using or understanding these data, feel free to create a post in this category, including "[JSON]" at the start of the post title. And if you understand everything, feel free to help others! 

By using the data available at the link(s) above, you acknowledge having read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the license agreement available here.
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The JSON data has been updated to version

Today we have added the translations for states in the JSON data via the type "states" (.json). Only the states used by the equipment are present in the data.

We will not make the effects of states available for the moment: their functioning, although close to the effects of objects, would require a lot of game elements to be made available in order to make them usable.

Note: you will find a large number of costumes in the states. The costumes use special features of the states to display correctly.