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Bonta Mercenary quest is incompletable

By Shatari - MEMBER - November 08, 2018, 03:13:00

Hello, my sister and I encountered an annoying bug. Googling around shows that it dates back to 2015, but I couldn't find anyone with a workaround. In the Cania Plains, the "Milling around" quest has you repair three windmills. The first two work just fine, but the third doesn't trigger the script. You kick the mill and the character says there's nothing interesting. This makes the quest impossible to complete.

Edit: And literally seconds after I post this, I figure out the work around: If you click the space just right, it will give you some arrows under the "Inspect" option. Click on the arrow and it will give you the "Repair" option, allowing you to finish the quest. Oops on posting the semi-unnecessary bug report, but at least I can give a head's up on how to fix it to anyone who's also stuck on it.

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