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By Elusial - MEMBER - May 10, 2011, 19:39:09

Hi everyone! I'm a moderator over at! I'm here to announce that Impsvillage has recently opened up a brand new dedicated Wakfu section! In the coming days, we hope that it will flourish and become just as active as our Dofus sections.

Our Wakfu sections are currently made up of a general discussion zone, a subforum dedicated entirely to guides and advanced strategy, a general marketplace forum to try to sell all of your items, and an area where you can recruit for monster hunts or campaign for your governor run!

The Impsvillage home page can be found at Click here , and the Wakfu sections can be easily found either on the homepage, or at Click here

About Impsvillage: was launched in early 2006, one of the first English fansite communities for Dofus. Today, it is the only Dofus fansite around. It is known by the general Dofus community as a haven for everything Dofus. Over 25,000 Dofus players have become members.In addition to our bustling Dofus sections, Impsvillage is in-general a tight knit community. Even people that don't play Dofus anymore still visit the site daily, or visit the Impsvillage IRC channel.

By giving Wakfu its own dedicated section, we hope that we'll be able to attract some fresh new faces to our community!

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