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Wakfu4Iops; website for Guides, Tips, and Tricks! (03/17/12)

By Kidefence February 08, 2012, 01:18:05

Wakfu4Iops; the Guide Site. Rebirth!! 03/17/12 The website and all current guides can be found by clicking HERE.

Feel free to browse the current available guides.

As of right now, we're making guides as usual, and our guide-writing contest is well underway! Check it out here!
This is the link you click, see this sentence, get redirected by clicking me.

Any navigation issues, suggestions, comments, complaints about guides, website format, and anything else would also be appreciated on the forums

We've made a recent purge out of our old guides and outdated and now only host up-to date guides. We will be adding them as quickly as we used to, so stay tuned, and participate in the contest so it gets even MORE guide-ier.

Any comments? Post here or our forums.

Join the new Wakfu4Iops community forums! It's our dream to become a mecca for Wakfu players, join today so that dream becomes a reality!
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the artwork makes me laugh ^^ (i love the gude for dummies with iops)

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We're still growing strong and good. smile 

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WAkfu4iops team member here, updated and reborn.

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