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Fan animation "Tower of the Iop King"

By Qriev - MEMBER - March 20, 2019, 15:32:47

This is a personal project I did just for fun and to practise animation, but I figured that if I were to do one of these, it would be from the Wakfu/dofus universe, a franchise that has been dear to me for over 10 years. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it to.

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I really like it.

The animation feels fluid, the character's movement and facial expressions are similar to the ones we see on the Wakfu serie. I loved when the Sacrier used his tattoo to get closer to the Iop.

Keep going happy

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Score : 384

Thank you for your kind words! I tried to incorporate at least one ability that the sacrier can use, and I just love the semi-liquid nature it has in the game(s)!

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Your animation is really amazing. I enjoyed every part of the fight. The design reminded me in some part to the soul eater anime, not sure if you know it, please see it as a compliment.

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Score : 9736

Amazing work! I hope Ankama will put it on main page to promote your work! 

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Score : 2506

Sacrier defeated iop, no wonder, everything is as always biggrin. Real good work!

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Score : 611


oh yeah and a little bit of graphic content but you know its just a person that has a hole in them you know its fine

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Score : 1

WOOOOOW *-*!!! Its really coooool!!!!

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