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[FEATURE] Better hair for the eliotrope under the hat.

By Raziel-Shadower - MEMBER - September 23, 2018, 03:48:05

like the title said we need a better sprite for the eliotrope hair because in some costume the eliotrope hat is removed but the hair it's seems an unfinished job because it's like they are made just for have them under an hat so they seems a cut sprite in some angle.  u see in the pictures? (sorry i got only the male one, but the female one have the same problem)
so i think we need just to adjust the eliotrope hair for be more good looking, idk maybe more like yugo just make a better sprite for the eliotrope hair

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Score : 539

Yeah and we need hoodies as a option.

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Score : 4528

Yeah the head wings aren't really a spoiler anymore with the oropo costume and whatnot

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Score : 8770

How about Elios get, instead of different hair styles, different hats?

Of course fixing the hat issue with costumes would come first.

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Score : 539

And to be able to remove the blue marking on his face.

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How about every class gets new hairstyles and outfits, with more customization options?

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