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Osamoda's healing mastery not being applied to summon's mastery.

By Leifnier - MEMBER - August 09, 2018, 15:51:47
Character name: Leifnos
Date and time: 8/9/2018 ( I started testing and finding this and another bug yesterday before the hotfix, but wasn't able to get screenshots before the server maintainence )
Map: Astrub Kanojedo
Server: Nox

Bug description: If you have healing mastery as an Osamodas, it is not counted towards the total mastery of your summon. 
Reproducibility process: Make an Osamodas, see what the mastery of your summon is without healing mastery and what it is with it.


Game logs:
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Score : 4104

I think that isn't a bug, the osa summons only transfer 80% of all damage masteries into the summons elemental mastery, healing mastery was never included.

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