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"Race" environmental quests don't end when the available resources are zero.

By TheRogueCat - MEMBER - May 16, 2018, 03:16:20
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Bug description: The environmental quests of type "race" (purple) keep the timer once all available resources have been interacted with.
Reproducibility process:
-Have 4 players taking part in a "race" environmental quest.
-Have three of them getting the 3/3 usual resources of the "race".
-Check the quest timer with the 4th player which didn't complete it. The timer keeps counting, even when there are no resources to race for.
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Had this a few times alread AND reported it...

Noteworthy is, that it does not happen everywhere, most prone to this bug seem to be Moon: Beach/Jungle and Shushu Crust.
Score : 11598
Yeah, at Moon tunnels too.
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