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Cannot Interact with Otomai in Tutorial (Arch Linux)

By BukiNatsumi - MEMBER - May 15, 2018, 17:41:38
Character name: Anikka
Date and time: 05/14/18
Map: Pre-Incarnum
Server: Nox
Bug description: Initial cutscene does not play, but instead jumps straight to the scene with Otomai being attacked. Once walking towards Otomai, the arrow indicator for the quest disappears, but there is no interaction. Cannot talk to Otomai and cannot interact with him or the environment. Logged in on Windows device and can proceed with character just fine, logging back in on Arch device reproduces issues.
Reproducibility process:  Create character, move towards Otomai. 100% reproducibility rate.
*Note: These screenshots were taken after logging in on the Windows PC and progressing through the first battle tutorial
Game logs:
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