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bug to collect plants

By kouta14 - MEMBER - April 13, 2018, 00:03:18
when he tried to collect cabbage with my job as a farmer he tells me that it is from someone else and I just planted it, and I can not pick up my cabbage that is next to the one with the bug, please fix it I can not collect it because it says it's from someone else, happens quite often sometimes this normal and sometimes the bug is placed

bug image (spanish)

edit : I try with other plant and same happens.
edit2: happens after fight with Captain Miau.
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same, after captcha cat
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Same here with all crops. I plant them and when they grow up i cant harvest them.
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 same, I try with other plant and same happens
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I'm having this issue too.  I find it very irritating (and I'm quite angry about it) that I'm in my haven world and am the only one logged in just to have the system tell me that something i planted "belongs to someone else for a few minutes".  These things take time to grow, I don't have time to waste waiting extra long for a non-existent "some else" to never come and take it.  This is a ridiculous addition to the game and if you must have it, keep in the public worlds not the haven ones.  Haven worlds are private domains where guild members respect one anther's planting and we don't have to fight for it.  I didn't win a bidding battle for a haven world to be screwed out of the perks of not having to fight for farming only to have to fight with the retarded AI.  And if you haven't noticed I'm angry at the stupidity of it and the fact that you're wasting my time. 

The only place this would be even remotely useful is in the public areas where random people want to plant and trolls come solely to harass said random people.  NOT HAVEN WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But kindly note that this, in my opinion, is a lousy feature and serves only to agrevate.
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I would also like to bump this with the proper format.

Resource Ownership

Character: Literally everyone I've spoken to.
Date/Time: All the fucking time.
Map: All of the fucking maps.
Server: Nox
Description: When harvesting plants, if you get Capn Atcha, you lose "ownership" of said plants.
Reproduce: Collect plants/crops/trees, get hit with Capn Atcha, return to world.

Please get rid of this. I did not upgrade a haven world to have the game fight me in this already tedious profession.
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Server: Remington
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Same here, it's really annoying. Also when you leave the haven world and come back it produces the same effect.
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Yeah I had this happen and made a post about it merely hours after the patch that it happened. As if professions weren't enough of a pain in the [censored] to collect stuff for. Cap'n Atcha used to be one of the saving graces that made harvesting all this [censored] bearable and now they've even ruined that.
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I have now discovered that this feature is also in the haven bag?????

What the Fuck!!!!!  REALLY?
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Had the issue in my guilds haven world
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