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Negative prospective and wisdom

By lakhan-pb - MEMBER - March 11, 2018, 18:31:28
As this Image is Proof. I just restarted after months of inactivity. Bought a booster(30 days with heroes), Synced my account to authenticator. Was gifted by -10wisdom and -10 prospecting. On all characters on that account. Seriously, this is hilarious.biggrin

I had -10 since then time I started the game. It jumps to 30 from time to time and falls back to -10 when I check it back after a fight and usually stays at it. 
If I am not wrong Authenticator gives +5 to both Pros and Wisdom(I synced that up long after I saw this happening). I didnt receive that boost either. mellow

I am not sure(almost am) if this is a bug or some game mechanics I am not aware of. Show me some love. Please.
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Have you try to check the clan wishes is fulfilled or not? I can see that it greyed out there which means clan wishes was not fulfilled. which will give you negative pp and wis.
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ohk.. wow i didnt realise this was a thing. Thanks alot, mate. But still can you help me with the numbers? like what pros and wisdom does one start with? 0? like i said first. I was switching between -10 and 30 and then tried the authenticator. Shouldnt that add another 5?
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If you walked between 2 different zones, one is fulfill, another is not fulfilled, it will change to the current zone bonus.
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i know he answered it, but always check your status effects
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thank you everyone who helped!
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