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Inaccessable or bugged clan masters

By NewHook - MEMBER - December 17, 2017, 21:52:41

Enuardo: Clan Master not present
Srambad: Clan Master not present
Moon Island Jungle: Clan Master not present
Moon Island Beach: Clan Master not able to be reached at all. Inaccessabile.
Fungopole: Unable to distribute kamas to the ecology. It will reset to 0, unable to use kamas distributed to it.
Zinit Clan Masters: Unable to protect any wildlife or plant life in any area.

Several other clanmasters only able to protect certain monsters or plants, but not all of them. (For example, able to protect Sadida Kingdom monsters, but not trees or herbs)


Bilbiza: Clan master will protect everything and laws will be in place to deduct CP, but nothing happens. Things are protected but you don't lose CP for attacking it. 

Chillberg Island: Cannot protect any wildlife or plant life.


Edit: Still a problem in 1.58
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Score : 330
Score : -229
Forfut: Able to see Ghoul Family and Zoogymen family to protect, but when attempting to protect them and confirming to pay the amount needed, it does not protect. 

Xelorium Present and Past: Clan Master not present to interact with.
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