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Questions about Ouginak

By dragomlol#3111 - MEMBER - July 13, 2020, 14:00:13
Hey guys

so.. I'm building and ouginak. I'm happy with it this far, but still cant figure out if I should go with Melee + Area Damage, or Melee + Single Target Damage, focusing only on the spells of each branch. Or should I go Mellee + Full General Damage and use all spells.. 

Any experienced Ouginaks to help me out?

Thanks guys biggrin
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I suggest going for melee+ full elemental for more versatility with your spells, but if ever you want to specialize there are few build choices as well. Like Melee + ST is a crosshatch heavy build, while melee+area means curse spam (with or without brutality).
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