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110+ Equipment for Ouginak

By BlackCatXIII - MEMBER - June 01, 2020, 04:06:21

Hi, I'm a lvl.107 Ouginak and I was wondering what equipment should I be looking for in regards to PVM as I approach lvl 110? I'm running a Water/Earth AoE/Melee build

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Mm is a caind difficult question to answer you, usually you can play de ouginak mostly in 2 ways, the off tank, can be earth-air, or dps that can be water - air, both of this 2 builds are build on melee and single target, in your case your build is zone - melee, I don't know if is planty of equipment with this carácteristics, most of the equipment is melee single target, distance single target, zone, you should then equip some parts of zone and some parts of melee, and looking for some parts, if exists, that gives you melee and zone, this Wil been the parts you should looking for, and of course that gives you water and earth stats, if you looking for damage I will recommend you to jump on water and air build, ouginak is a single target melee fighter this is the most strong Rol he have, so for maximize he's power you should use this elements, in case you want something that make dmg but also can tank a bit then earth - air, I'm a main ouginak and i test differents builds, in my experience this is the best tip a can give you, I hope I've cleared up your doubts, sorry for my English is not my mother language I hope you undestern

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4Ap, 2Mp, 2Wp
Milkar Fangs
God Ecaflip Belt
Black Crow's Boots
Mint Jelly Breastplate
Black Crow's Cloak
Black Crow's Epaulettes
Gobbalrog Helmet
Milkar Paw
Emblem of Power
Red Mage's Wand
Riktus Shield

No area mastery (there are not many gears with area+melee, at 125 you get some really nice area+melee gears) so you can use single target spells.

You can test builds online. Search "wakfu builder" on google.

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