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Lacking of ideas on how to build my ouginak

By Chaosmos - MEMBER - October 13, 2019, 21:04:01


I need advices on how to build my ouginak because I cannot find what spells should I use, what passives, I feel like there are no obvious or big ways of playing an ouginak. I mean every elemental branches seem to be nice but as we cannot play all of them (at least not at my low level)  I really would love some more experimented ouginaks to tell me what different choices of builds there are.
So please, what are different ways to build a ouginak right now?

Thank you
Best regards

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after this huge nerf uginaks had last patch  i had to change class (ankama love making us spend on 1-200 change class scroll) so if i were you i just skip ugis for now and play the relevent class at this moment sram .
just to give you an idea my uginak before update killed almost 2 dreggons s11 in first turn  now not even 1 
on potatoe  70% resist  sram made it in 9-10 turns  , fogger in 10-11 turns  uginak 17 turns :S
ofcourse not with each class specific gear  but a element mastery build  im sure maybe theres better performing on that potatoe  from people building perfect their characters....

in conclusion my advice is not a worthy class to have on team  is now more like a support /tank/damager ,i dont know if theres now something like combos or something but i doubt it , even if some people like the changes dogs nerf was huge in damage terms .
 they nerf the class from a pitbull to a golden retriver .... sad

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Thank you for your answer!

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hahhahah indeed ugis in the same odd ladder of rogues ...from damagers to the trash, just few players will make something decent with them but of course not for an overpower team 

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I'm only 119 but here's the deck I'm using
Tri-element unfortunately but Ougi is still a solid tank with good ST damage
I typically focus the strongest target opening up with Prey + Bow Wow followed by Big Dog if I can get behind or rupture if I can't then build armor with 2 Brawls which is usually enough armor to ensure my HP is untouched for a full boss fight finally WereOuginak, my Bow Wow buffs the nearest DD usually my Eca then uses Brawl & helps lockdown my Ougi's target.
After set-up, I just spam Ruckus if my Bow Wow can hit with it as well, if not I use Sweeping  if I'm at 30 Fury or Crosshatch if I'm not, I activate WereOuginak at the end of my turn if my WP falls below 50% & use a Brawl or two if my armor breaks, if I use Brawl I always make sure to have my Bow Wow use it as well, the rest of the spells are more situational.
As for stats, it's a typical tank build except in the fortune tree where I go Block > CH > Berserk
For equipment, I just try to max out total mastery between Berserk, ST, Melee, & grab at least an extra 2 WP to counter Haggling also since I'm relying on Berserk for a large chunk of my mastery & have armor to survive I try to enter combat at -50% HP if possible

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Thank you for your answer! It's such a nice and specific comment, I'll definetely try your build ^^

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I'm just returning to the game and reading this is disheartening because my Ougi is 5% from 200. Are they still trash? I've been looking for guides and I've found nothing

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I'm interested as well.  Was playing Ougi until about level 25 and this makes me so sad because I felt like I was doing so much damage.  I must know!  sad

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It is a cool class with some viability and fun options, if you like the concept and stuff, keep going. But, i must say it is NOT a damage powerhouse, that's for sure.

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Hi guys I like to see that is still to many ppl trying to play uginak, and I have to say, keep going, uginak is a really good off tank, even if you make it with a dmg focus, or a tank focus is viable, here i do a mini guide on uginak on how you can build it, bad for you the guide is in Spanish, but here is my support for the uginaks smile Btw if you guys wanna see any gameplay how I play my uginak u can add : Cunak I play in remington server and if you wanna translate the guide here is de guide just follow the long mssg with my name Here gl and see ya around smile 

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