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[How not to] gear Ouginak for cheap(?)

By Figim - MEMBER - June 14, 2018, 01:29:55

Ow hello there. Alot of people talking about ouginak, how balanced it is or that it deserves little bufffire so on that note i would liked to demonstrate some gear sets and hopefully make life of fellows ouginaks, that can't decide what to wear, abit easier.

note: all builds below are fully runed and have negative crit% to make use of steadfast rune
First, Mark7 build that i was using:
it has 3040 total mastery / decent resistance / high initiative (ini pasive equiped) / 6wp

And with this build beloved by everyone and pretty balanced combo of 6

dose this much dmg:

But what if you love resists being as high as sky!?
No problem, specialy for that i have Fan Shield build:
more hp/res/block for a cost of -120 overall mastery

All you want is dmg, eh
Here i have something special for you aswell:
investing some extra kama in Blazier+Agony results into: 3320 + 200 from blazier = 3520 overall mastery on turn 1.
small updexhumelettes can be replaced with spicy epaulettes for unbelievable +5 dmg buff and resistance fix (air 69% ->70%): 3325 + 200 from blazier = 3525 overall mastery on turn 1. 

also here's bf set...(actualy nothing interesting here, just set of 3 deffender gears, beter check how good ougi looks in different costumes)

upd: for any one who's interested, here are characteristics and guild bonuses that where used/included in all builds:

and screenshot with, imo, best pasives to use:
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Thanks Figim, bc of that blyatifull build I wanna do something with my ougi.

~~By Figim himself

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Sorry for asking but why is your wp stay 6 even with 2wp from gears, am I missing something

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really funny xd

could you tell me what you took in the aptitudes ?

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just made small update, check it out for stat info wink

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Resist set is the best way for PvP ?

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