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Water/Earth berserker viable?

By Sharran - MEMBER - April 16, 2018, 17:06:22

Has anyone tried and if its viable to build an off tank berserker build? Using water to life steal and earth to generate armor to sustain and maintain hp while below 50% hp? Still new to ouginak and just asking if anyone ever tried a build like this.

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There is a passive that transforms health steal into armor so you can keep your berserk... i can see a build like that working fine on pve, even though i've never tried it ^^

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I wouldn't recommend using that passive, as it reduces armor granted by 30% and life steal would be useful against spells that bypass armor, be it in pve or pvp. 

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I've been experimenting with it for a while, and the increased +30% leeching and the -30% armor counter each other. The only problem is that you need to do a crapload of damage with the attacks to get around half-a-crapload of armor in return.

There are some ways to counter the problem: area attacks damaging several targets at once, attacking a low resistance target to stack armor regardless if it's friend or foe... But it's a risky build. I haven't tried it in-depth yet. Main problems, enemies piercing armor, enemies with high resistance to water, having low resistances yourself... The healing spells and the puppy keep you in good health, but you need a large HP pool too.

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