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Ouginak Characteristics - what is good for me to get?

By LordZro - MEMBER - April 12, 2018, 17:10:54

I haven't played in some time, and I only recently came back to see that Ouginak is finally in the game as a playable class!

A lot has changed since I last was here, and was wondering what Characteristics in each category I should invest in to make the most out of my Ouginak experience?

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hey man i talked to you a few days ago on by the temple.

to properly answer your question currently the strongest known way to build Ougi is a single target melee earth build. The move  earthFits and Startsearth is so good it almost removes the need to use any other move for damage. because of Ougi's ability to regenerate WP quickly and the pets ability to use one of your WP spells with a certain passive you can burst down enemy monsters and players quickly with relative ease. 

The only thing this build has against it is the low range of its one major damage dealing spell. To remedy this I'd recommend using the spell (air emote when) Big Dog (air emote when) and
neutralTrackingneutral to stick to your opponent especially ranged Huppers, Cra's, Xelor's, Fogger's, Osa's, and more. You also have a movement ability that gives you similar movement capabilities to an Eca. 

that's just my two cents


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Thanks! I posted this I think before I asked at the temple, haha.

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Been playing an Ougniak for a couple of months and I'd suggest you check out this guide since it helped me shape out my own build quite well.

Something important you have to experience though is how different an ougniak plays before and after getting the Haggling passive, since 10 AP suddenly feels as good as 12 when you get it, also this race is very WP reliant so you're going to need WP gear and to get WP in one of your major point slots.

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