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[Guide] Zoed's guide to Earth/water Woofs.[Outdated]

By RoboTrigger - MEMBER - December 19, 2017, 21:05:16

[Due to changes this guide is now out of date.]

My name is Zoeduhu, I have been playing around a bit with a lvl200 Ouginak and wish to share the class with more since I honestly find it a blast!
Please take my words lightly, I am in no way a professional! There maybe better builds out there.
I will not be covering air much at all since I don't have much experience with it.

You will fit the role of DD/Semi-tank with this, Ouginak has high burst damage and great self-sustain. ( vs 60% res )

Spells [ap costs listed haggle with passive off]


WP required spells

Weigh down:  [3ap 1wp]  With prey on your target this lets you steal up to 2mp per strike and is very useful against mobs and bosses where you need to smack their mp down.
I personally leave this one out unless it is required.

Curse: [4ap 1wp] Gives incurable lvl 3 to any target it hits ( not stackable ) as well as steals 40% of the damage done.

Free spells
Rupture: [2ap] Pretty much our eca jump! Using rupture on an empty cell teleports you to it and that in itself is useful enough to pick it up.
does give 100% of the damage done as heals if you decide to hit with it.

Gash: [4ap] on prey targets this rips through armor and steals 50% of the damage done, mostly this is a neutral water spell that is good when you dont want to be spending WP points that turn.

Transform spell(s)
Ruckus: [6ap] The most expensive out of all of the were-ouginak spells and dishes out a lovely heal, I keep this one around if I need healing fast, otherwise I will go for Pugnacity.


WP required spells
Crosshatch:  [3ap 1wp] -25 res per hit ( max 50  ), good to use first on high ap turns or just to weaken what you are hitting for the rest of the team!

Fits and starts: [4ap 1wp] your highest damaging spell, doing no-reducible damage to prey targets this is the one you are most likely to spam if you have WP while in were-ouginak form.

Free spells
Fan in the works: [2ap] Another -mp spell, this one ofc is a lot cheaper than Weigh down and stacks just the same with no target limit, however it has a range of 1

Brawl: [3ap] A neutral earth spell that armors you when you hit a prey target, you are able to stack up some great armor enabling you to semi-tank quite effectively... or at least survive if you happen to end up deep in enemies.
The armor does stack through turns.

Transform spell
Watchdog: [5ap] 20% armor of your missing hp + lvl6 incurable, but honestly if you are using water and armor you wont be needing this one.

WP required spell
Big Dog [3ap 1wp] Jump behind prey targets, thats all.

Transform spell
Pugnacity [4ap] Lowest cost + 20% crit, yes please. the spell itself wont hit as hard since the build is not air focused but the bonus as well as its low cost will make up for it.

- - -
Actives and Passives



Prey: [1wp] Please

Tracking: [4ap 1wp] Makes you jump directly to the target on your next turn, Good to stop things from running away, also stabilizes the target.

Hunter: [2ap] Pull yourself to enemies or pull allies to you.

Canine: [3ap] creates a glyph that lasts 2 turns that will steal 3mp and do some damage.

Appeasement: [3ap 1wp]  +2mp as well as heals your hp for the % of your current rage, if you have WP left over at the end of your were-ogi you can use this to heal yourself for almost free.

Haggling: -2 max wp but makes all your wp spells cost 1ap less, also makes prey free.

Sidekick: Reduces Bow wow's recast time by 1 turn as well as lets it cast the last WP spell you used on your turn, also returns 2WP if it happens to die.

Dog handler: Gives you +30% heath steal and gives your bow wow 1 more mp and a bit of hp, also makes the Bow wow's spell 'licky' give you +20% final damage.

Cunning fang: 1 block for ever 2 crit! ( max is 25 ), also any elemental spells removed are stolen when in were-ougi.. though I'll be honest Im not sure what that means. 

Burrow: Makes it so prey isnt bound to a linar cast, makes hunter be able to be used one more time during your turn and gives Tracking a huge +4 range. 

Raiding: Makes it so your life steal spells give armor instead though you suffer -30% armor granted, starting your turn next to enemies also grants 3% of your current hp as armor.

Exhaustion: 40% indirect damage delt, this is an air passive as it gives +2 rage every time Bleeding and Fracture are triggered.

Canine art: 20% indirect damage delt, lets you place more than one glyph and makes you imminue to their effects. Also heals you 3% of your missing hp and grants +4 rage  everytime it is triggered.

Sniff: -20% heals received but +1range nd for every 2 melee mastery you get 1 distance, the cap is 600 though so I never see it worth it.

My deck: 6259-6257-6262-6263-6264-6268-6260-6258-6284-6285-6286-6283-6280-6274-5144-6273-6278-6271

What do I do during turns?
Turn 1: I mostly use neutral non-WP spells and cast bow wow send it into as many monsters as I can for sniffing rage. 
Turn 2: If I have gained 25 or more rage I go were-ougi and the fun starts, prey on a target and spam Fits and starts as much as I can, if Bow wow is still alive it can do the same.

Intelligence: res and hp %
Strength: Close combat + General damage
Agility: Full dodge or some force of will and dodge
Chance: Crit, block and Crit mastery
Major: 1Aap, 1mp, WP then damage delt or Resistance depending on how safe you wanna feel.

Gear and stuff
I mostly focus Close combat items though I feel it may be possible to pull off a crit build.
note: I'd like to replace croc ring with Tramontanring but dropping epics is a myth. also I have not finished runes.

My first guide so sorry if I missed anything, feel free to ask any questions! I'll try my best to help.
I may also update this if I find anything new or try anything new.
- --

UPDATE! 6/12/18

Mostly a gear update as well as a few spell changes.
at lvl200 here is my current gear set

Let's talk about the were-doggo !
So we have 3 transform spells, each have their own perks; however recently I have picked up Pugnacity ( Air ).

But why Zo? isn't that the air tree?
Why yes it is, however it is the lowest costing transform spell and it gives a really tasty bonus of +20% crit for the whole time you are transformed. 

Unless I need some heals right that turn, I will opt for Pugnacity over Ruckus .

Updated deck:
Other notes
[left]Again I am still not an expert, I am still experimenting with builds.
For now I am playing around with a possible Air build, that being Air/earth or tri, stay tuned~[/left]
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Score : 138

Really nice guide.

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Score : 183

Quite nice guide. Well done wink

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Score : 1041

thx for guide, it was interesting to see your way to ouginakbiggrin

im also in proces of making  ZephyrWiz-like ougi with epic inflexibility rune but focused on melee mastery instead of crits

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Score : 717

Oh! Thank you for interest in my build smile How is it? 
melee mastery instead of crits sound good too biggrin but only melee with 10 AP is it good enough for get closer to enemy if them far away from you? Because even I have a range spell sometime still cannot reach monster XD

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Score : 93

Cunning fang means when in were dog form if you steal mp with weigh down, yoy will gain 1 mp. When you take away resist you will gain resist

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Score : 7992

Thank you! I always found the wording a little hard to understand. 

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Score : 717

Thank you for you sharing build smile just curious about party play.
I never try full melee ouginak so I see you have no range and no range spell.
when fight in real combat , Is it easy to get close to target every turn even monster a little bit far away?  
Because my Build is 10AP so movement spell that cost 4AP seem big amount for me. Even I have Range Spell and more MP sometime still cannot reach monster that far away XD. 

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Score : 7992

I've never had much issue reaching things during zinit content as most monsters end up in your face anyway. ( Dungeons they also start very close ) 
in a team I often have a sac, panda, elio or fogger to help with team movement also!
with 12ap the usefulness of pretty much trading 2ap for 2mp with rupture comes in handy too!

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I'm following this guide for my Ouginak.

Which pet would be best for this guide? I can't really make up my mind.

- Milimoowolf pet?
- Charming Bow Meow pet (for WP)?
- Measured Godron?
- Dauge? (Does berserk mastery do anything on an Ouginak?)

Or do I need to go for a totally different pet?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.


Thank you very much, I did not expect to have such a fast reply from you, nevertheless it's appreciated. Yeah my main tree is water and earth as second so WP pet would be very useful.

Thank you for this and have a nice day,
Cheers wink

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Score : 7992

I need to update the gear here as some things have changed but I personally use Charming Bow Meow, I try to get as much WP as I can just for more freedom with what I do for turns since sometimes you just can't rely on having small doggo die for 2 back. 

If you find WP shortage isn't a problem for you there are a few options;
Icky Godron ( Melee dodge )
Milimoowolf / Croum ( Res )
Measured Tofu / Flea Love ( Melee + crit )
Moofly ( general dmg + crit )
Clawbot ( Res and general )

Really you should pick one that you think suits your needs best, Melee and General dmg pets would be best since Single target and distance for example would be useless on some spells.
Golden Bow Meow is also an option for this build. 

Berserk does work on Ougi butttt I can't say you'd stay under 50% for long if you are using water spells.
you wouldn't benefit from it 100% of the time.

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Score : 1208

Long overdue update!

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Score : 303

helle im new to here and may i know how to give stat points thanks anyway ^^

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Score : 1

I was asking myself why do you up general damage in Strengh and not Single target?

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Score : 2

Hey, this may seem like a dumb question, but where do you get those pets you listed? I was looking on the wiki and it doesnt say how to get the measured tofu or the flea love

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Score : 586

You can get the Measured Tofu from the Dofus pets game, must raise a Tofu in that game then transfer it to the Wakfu game for a fee. 
Not 100% sure about Flea Love but I think it was a potential prize in a pet box a while ago.

Tbh buying either pet off the Market will be the easier option, even if they'r expensive.

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Score : 21

Very nice build! Everything's clearly explained!

I have two question about the abilities though:
 - Is it also viable to put points in 'Lock & Dodge' instead of 'Dodge'? Since you're Melee, wouldn't it be nice to also lock your ememies around you?
 - Can points in 'Initiative' be useful or not? I see in many builds of different classes 20 points in it, that's why I'm asking.

Besides that everything is great!

Good game! smile

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Score : 1

How does one acquire a charming bow meow?

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Score : 1208

It comes from the "Dofus pets" mobile app. 

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Score : 87

Haggling is now -3 Max WP... Is this still worth it? feels like no XD
Also, no room for "weapons master" skill in this build? Feel like I hit a TON with a Good Hammer and Weapons master?

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