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How is this class?

By Aquallia - MEMBER - November 22, 2017, 02:04:26

Can anyone give me a short over view of this class? I'm thinking of deleting one of my old characters and giving this one a try.

Play style?


What all can they do?

I heard these were added, when managed to get online for tiny bit today. So I got curious to ask. I'm not interested in an in depth guide to the class, just help deciding if it worth giving a try.


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I met Zyph yesterday and her build looks effective with general elemental stats. You can check her 10ap/7mp build.

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Ok, I'll just check that then. I'm curious about this class and if I should delete an old one to start it up (I would buy extra character slot, but I cant for various life reasons). My Sam the one I'l drop if Ouginak seems like something I may like better.

Well, I deleted my Sram ad started an Ouginak. So far at least what I can tell from start it going to be fun to play, even if it more a close combat class.

I do now have more questions if anyone checks this topic;

1 - Is Earth + Water good? or would going tri be better?

2 - What stats you can put points into effect the life steal from water spells?

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