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Returning Live streamer - 6 man team help request

By CaptinSquidlips - MEMBER - August 30, 2018, 21:05:59

Hi everyone i appreciate the your time to read over this , i'll try keep it short as it's my 2nd time writing this, since i am silly and face planted the alt F4 key.

I used to play wakfu about 2 years ago, but i quite the game feeling a bit stuck without the help of a group. In short I came back and tried a hero system on my main account but still seem to be struggling to even grind moon mobs. possible my gear is crappy and i might have to grind out some lower Tier content for this which I don't mind doing as long as the foundations are good and i am not spent most of my time searching for help .

This comes to my next point of my current classes i can utilise  to get this done, but with being out of touch with the game i thought it be best to seek advice.

Account 1

Panda  173 ( trapper 178  would like to keep him in the team if possible )
Osa       168
Sram    168

Feca 112 
Enu   112

Account 2

Eni   112
Iop   112 
Sacr 112 
These are my current option's but i am not against levelling up 1 or 2 more classes if they suit the team comp perfectly , i am already contemplating starting Elilotopte  not for any other reason then i love the class i have no idea how good they are and getting to end game is my current' number 1 priority.

This still turned out longer then i wanted but if you can offer any insight into my team comp and builds i would be grateful, if you want stats and current gear posted i can edit this later .

All the 112 characters are in awful gear as i haven't even made a build for them yet. i planed to do this in ambassador wings ,while levelling but my panda had a hard time clearing while carrying them all.

Hope it's not to lengthy and i apologise if there are mistakes as this was a rush around the 2nd time!


Edit * If you have gear for for the alts i'd be willing to buy it at a reasonable price 

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I think that would look like a really well rounded comp as Panda/Enu/Feca + Eni/Iop/Sac. Another option is to sub the Sram or osa in for the panda if your interested in some more Burst or Distance damage instead of Pandas positioning potential. Enu/Feca/Sac/Eni/Insert any 2 classes, sound like a really good well-rounded comp.

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Thanks for the input at least know I have a strong basline once I can grab somd gear I thought I might struggle in dps , hence why I thought a iop would be a great addition as they are damage Kings .

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