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Percedal Fools

By CuddleBeam - MEMBER - April 04, 2018, 06:00:21


  • Event name: Percedal Fools
  • Event period (date and time): Until the end of April
  • Forum name of the host: Cuddlebeam (myself)
  • Server: All English-speaking ones.
  • Brief description of the event: April, April Fools... This event is about being the stupidest funniest possible with the new Percedal ally you can summon into battle and to submit the clip for voting. The most voted clip wins!
  • Mechanics
    • What will the participants do to win? Submit a clip of them doing something silly with the new Percedal ally.
    • How many winners? Two. One for first place, another for me another for second place.
    • What is the support that you need from Ankama? If event prize, what is your suggested prize and quantity? Suggested Dauge and First Raidce for first place, just First Raidce for second place.
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Very cute idea.

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