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Dog Raice in the shop again!!

By creepycat01 - MEMBER - January 02, 2018, 14:05:14

Hey Ankama,
is it possible to put the dog raice for a while in the shop again, because every raice is available, but the dog raice not! 
I want it really bad so is there going to be a time, where the dog raice is back in the shop? Plsssss

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yes pleeease

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Kataklop was announced as a limited deal during the Ouginak's release guys...
It might take a while until it's back.


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that is what anoys me in wakfu, you need to wait weeks/months/years for everything

aw, missed first and only time  kataklop race was in shop, worry not they will sell it again..this year, maybe...posibly...

oh, what a deal, free costume for buying orgines, nice. But what do i spend those orgines on? i don't realy want anything from shop, guess i just wait for next weeks deal...

got some free time and want to pvp, no problem, next lvl200 battleground will be opened in just 3 hours..

realy want that new relic runes from UB als? just kill ub today and only in 27 days you will get them from end-of-seasone box smile

woaw, they said server merge is still planed, hopefully this decade...

i'll pass my wakfu acc to grandson so atleast he can buy that invisible set and ougi race i wanted...

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Sharing Acc is agains the game rules Figim so ur grandson cant even fulfill your last wish xD

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