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Guild 40% Weekend Bonus Giveaway

By Rakakiki - MEMBER - September 23, 2016, 20:55:06

Hey hey everyone!

I lead a guild called Dandelion Wrath. We were greatly active before the summer and well known around Sufokia. However, after to much wakfu grinding, many of us decided to log out for the summer. Being back now, I have a guild with only 6 daily active players left. We cleared out the many inactive ones and now we're almost empty.

Where am I going with this?
Well since I'm back now and trying to play more from a relaxing perspective, I thought it would be a great idea to do an event - but something big and fun that everyone could join!

The idea is simple - Since we haven't used them yet, we would activate our guild's 40% Wisdom and Prospecting bonus over a weekend sometimes after the next update. Anyone who wants to benefit from these bonuses would be welcomed to join the guild for the 2 day event (one for each bonus).

In my opinion it would be such a blast to have many people joining in, to have an overly active guild chat, meet new players, make friends and find out about other guilds. If it could be promoted in some way outside the forum by Ankama, then it could become pretty wild I think. Imagine having around 100 players being able to communicate between each other. Haha! Giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy some well deserved bonuses.

I know most players wouldn't switch their guild just like this, but we'll still do it, so for all the ones who would join (or would bring one of their alts), and for all the guildless characters out there, what do you think? Would you take part in such an event?

Let me know smile
I'd also love to get a CM's feedback to see if it's something we could promote as an opportunity - especially for newbies - to meet other players and create a new sense of community.

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Or join our guild (lunatic) and get organized UB Runs and the 40% PP and Wisdom bonus literally every saturday at 9pm...

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Sting-Shotter|2016-09-24 13:13:26
Or join our guild (lunatic) and get organized UB Runs and the 40% PP and Wisdom bonus literally every saturday at 9pm...
Haha! This guy...

This is not a recruiting thread but an idea to use our guild (which is empty) and get a high concentration of players - from every nation - to enjoy the +40% bonuses for 2 whole afternoons. It would be an opportunity for people to easily find players their own levels by using a common guild interface. And even though this would help promote our guild, other guilds could also promote themselves for the duration of this event. It's like a big convention.

Just looking for ways to bring people together to play and chill, I don't have any ambitions to start micro-managing a guild again - and most players would probably leave us after the event since we have a Sufokian only policy. Please see this as a fun opportunity rather than a threat to your guild's recruitment wink 
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YES to XP bonus!

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Welcome to wakfu, where events are so rare players need to think of smith themselves.. I like the idea tho.

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