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Krosmaster game and figures

By GrimackReapum - MEMBER - September 13, 2012, 07:36:57

I've been really looking forward to the arrival of the Krosmaster figures, especially the ones from the cartoons and Gaspard Fay. The former are being distributed as we speak at a French restaurant chain (Flunch), but my question is if they will be available outside of France? I mean, I would love to have the figures of Nox and Yugo to add to my collection, but do I have to go scouring ebay and other online auctions to get my hands on them? Because if so, I better do it now as they are distributed now.

But I would just like to know, because I spend big bucks to get my hands on a Remington and Maskemane figure only to discover now that they will be available in the booster packs of Krosmaster. And they will be playable online, unlike my convention give-aways... sad 
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Hi there,

Krosmaster Arena will only be available in digital outside of France. That means that the figurines won’t be distributed in their physical form.

Note that the physical figurines will still be available on the French Ankama online shop, but you may want to check for the delivery cost before ordering there. However, the ones limited to special operations (like the ones in Flunch right now) will not be sold on the shop.

Hope this answered your question!
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Why yes, thank you.

But since I assume that Ankama shop will only sell the blind booster packs, I better start looking for those figures online. wink

Still one little question: if I buy the Flunch series in an auction, will I be able to use those figures online on the Remington server? Or are they only usable on a French server?
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They can be used on all servers.

When buying them on auctions, just make sure the code wasn't used already. smile 
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Hey Troyle,

just to let you know I found them all on and they look great! I registered them online as well as their codes weren't used yet. One little question: will the cards of my figures be translated in the online version? Because I understand French a little, but some if these attacks don't even make sense to me. Sonartillage? Serumphy?
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Yes, they will be translated ingame. smile 
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Just a quick question: are any of the other figures (real ones, with codes) available to buy somewhere online? I would love to add them to my shelf!
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