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Wakfu Tcg ?

By Purger March 09, 2010, 12:56:06
Well me and my friends are big tcg/board game players and we have been searching for new games to test (well MTG and Lotr are best ones around) and i saw that upper deck has made card game based on wakfu. Is there going to be english publish or is game going to be "french" only ?

And ofcourse im interested from demodecks and rulebooks tongue (is it too near mtg/lotr/ old middle earth or something new)
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Hello !

Wakfupedia, a fan site about Wakfu TCG has just opened an english version of encyclopedia !

You can find all cards in Incarnam set (the first one) at :

and translated Rules here : Click here

We plan to make a plugin to play with friends with Lackey CCG (a MWS like).

See you soon !
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