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Islands of Wakfu on Nintendo Switch?

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - October 15, 2020, 03:53:51
Hi everyone!

I'd like to open this suggestion/discussion about this epic not-so-known game: Islands of Wakfu
For those of you who are new or just haven't heard about the game at all, let me start with an introduction.

Islands of Wakfu is an Action-Adventure game that incorporates a unique blend of beat 'em upshoot 'em up and puzzle elements. It was developed by Ankama and published by Microsoft on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service in 2011.

The game takes place 10,000 years before the events of Dofus, in the game, players assume the roles of Nora (the last surviving Eliatrope), a close combat fighter, relying on her fists, feet, combos, and dimensional powers and her dragon brother Efrim, a long-distance shooter who is able to fly, whom are on a mission to reserve and restore the remains of their world, after a meteorite crashed on a nearby planet, reviving a malevolent curse. 

The game itself is art and it has the unique Ankama style on corner. The music, the cutscenes, the colors, the atmosphere, it is a very interesting gaming experience. If you love Wakfu then you'll definitely like this game which, also, containg crucial lore of the World of Twelve. The game has a Co-Op mode and a very dynamic combat style, there are gatheting mechanics that ultimately allows you to improve certain actions.

Now, the Nintendo Switch is a very versatile, portable and renown console that has featured a lot of the most influential games over the past few years. The console has an online Shop where people around the world can browse a wiiiiide variety of videogames ranging from literally Solitaire and very basic Jisaw that are worth less than a Dollar to masterpieces such as Breath of the Wild, all in the same place. There is a space for nearly every kind of game, really, and now is more viable than ever before (thanks to the digitalization) to give this game the credit it deserves and make it known and attract more people to the wonderful world of Ankama.

Same as what happened with the 4th season of Wakfu, maybe a new kickstarted could be created to fund an enhanced version of the game? One that integrates the touch screen and online multiplayer. Maybe add some exclusive items that could be redeemed in the MMORPGs as when the game got initially released? Would this open up a possibility to make a spin-off serie of Nora and Efrim if it gets enough attention? why am I asking too many questions?? please help me?????

I really belive that Islands of Wakfu is a game worth playing, a game that deserves more attention and, I don't know, it just fits and it would really be a shame to let such content to go to waste or be forgotten when I bet it would easily become someone else's favorite game, or maybe there are other who after reading this post are intrigued about it and would totally give it a try.

So please, Ankama make it happen! huh
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God yes please i dont care if I necro'd this thread do it.
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I'd also love to see it on Switch, never got to play it myself.
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