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Ankama content in English ever happening?

By mcodev#4332 - MEMBER - August 10, 2020, 07:27:49

Hi all.. 

Obtaining English Version of Wakfu, Dofus, such as books, art, novels, comics, dvd or bluray.... is literally non exsistent and I know that its primarily French, & I know the sales may not have done well as expected, but This entire Franchise is epic, and although being 7 years late to it... i really wish English content was able for purchase from Ankama -- its not fair,... 

I'm willing to pay, im being more of a fan as i watch wakfu on Netflix & play the games, but I want to be able to purchase it, and the fact that all of the english only speaking people are left out when it comes to purchasin is totally unfair.... maybe if Ankama did more advertising for the ENGLISH COMMUNITY and gained more attention, then alot of people would buy it...

im really sad as a fan that i cannot buy your products in english...

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Stuff here is listed as both in french and english[28][]:&s[31][]:&s[29][]:&s[13][]:&s[24][]:&s[30][]:&s[14][]:1942&s[21][]:3717&ash[21][]:3717&sid:3&h:leftColumn&ics:9&abs:YToxOntpOjA7aTozNzE3O30:

But yeah I wish they sold the dofus manga in english too, would probably buy it

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Marry a French and make them read it to you in English.

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