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help!! charcter customization Osamoda.

By Sare88#5666 - MEMBER - April 08, 2020, 13:13:21

i Need another Chance to change my character. Osamoda,name Zaraa. i just started playing and now i can not change the Looks of it..... i really dont understand why all my characters had to go back to this… i liked how i make them… anyways the support is in French and all i want is to make my osamoda look nice. please help

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I think it will be good if devs allow to do it for free for some time. I have bad eye at my Sram and my Sacrier dont have any eye options at all, but i need to use this characters so now he going around blind with white eyes =_=

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I have the same problem, i didn`t want to change my character, i thought it would stay as it was, now i have a new Look. Don`t understand why you had to reset the Looks, please, i want my Look back!

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Hey, you could use this video guide to make your characters have the old default outfits. It's not 100% accurate but it's pretty good.

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