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Ankama comics: Dofus Powerpack

By niemurr - MEMBER - February 09, 2018, 15:44:11
I don't know if I should have posted this on the Dofus forum, but since I can't create any threads there...

Has anyone ever bought the Dofus Powerpack on Amazon (IT)? I wanted to take it but it seems they're all gone... 
Could anyone who's tried to buy it there tell me if the product will probably be back in a few weeks, or months? Or should I just buy the volumes separately? 
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It's very unlikely that Ankama still keeps stock of old printed books. Check the digital magazine sites instead to see if Ankama has uploaded their old comics on there
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(Sorry for the late reply)

The point is, the Dofus Powerpack isn't a comic, it's a (limited edition?) bundle of three comics + 1 bonus Dofus subscription for 1 month, and all of that comes in a special "case", idk how to describe it... It makes me think it won't be available again, but seeing that it's been available for a few years now (the original, official post about it on the Dofus Forum is from 2012 if I'm not mistaken), I don't really know what to think
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