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can someone give me download file for these?

By LaneH March 15, 2009, 09:40:14
Track 20 and 21 from the music box on the wakfu site.

Im looking to putting them on my fansite.

Wait,that would be copyright wouldnt it.
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idk about that ur a fan arent ya? they might know that. and anywayz, thx for giving me the idea for the avatar settings
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sure thing.
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LaneH|2009-03-17 03:13:00
sure thing.

1. You can go and download audcity and just record them off the web page.

2. Or if you know what you're doing, rip the swf file, decompile it, run it through flash, take the links to the music and bam.
or, if the music requires a type of "pass-port" recompile the decomposed file with the modded action-scripts to do what you want and download the music.

Of coarse I can't tell you how, and besides that, I haven't tried to do anything to this site. I think that this site runs off of AS3 and not AS2, but I could be wrong...
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