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Maskemane comics in english

By Frost-Giant July 18, 2014, 05:07:43

Does anyone know if the comics are available in english? I remember when masqs were released they released an english preview of the first book.

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I was looking at the french website, and it looks like you can't even get the whole series in French. I wish I could get ahold of the comics in French or English too.

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I suggest just finding an ebook and translating it yourself.

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cytree|2015-06-24 04:55:44
I suggest just finding an ebook and translating it yourself.
You can find first 11 episodes (there are 12 episodes) in english on internet but THAT 12TH EPİSODE! I CAN'T EVEN FIND IT ON FRENCH REALLY!
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It's available in Spanish, just use Ghostery to block the ads.

That said, for those of you who don't want to pirate, the story of the last comic is in the spoiler:

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

They got captured because the Sram guy betrayed the others, as the Rogue King told him that he would only see his friends/family again if he did that. Turns out King had killed his friends from the beginning, and everyone called Sram guy an idiot for thinking any different.

Vampire girl kept smack-talking Rogue King, so King killed, turned her into a skeleton, completely killed her. It's never explained why piercing her heart turned her into a skeleton, instead of ash or something.

Meanwhile, Maskemane was being used as a vessel to summon Cornu Mollu. Except, plot twist (for those who don't know the lore), without the sceptre thing the summoning failed. The only way for CM and Goultard (the good Goultard, who is trapped in CM's mental prison for some reason) to stop the summoning and go chill out like bros is to try to escape the prison. So they work together to do it. Even though CM was supposed to be evil and Goultard was just beating him up know what, it just doesn't make sense.

So the ritual failed, because no sceptre. CM ended up turning into a black flood that spilled out and destroyed the Rogue City, but no one knows what happened to him after that. Let's assume Goultard escaped and rejoined his body (Dark Vlad), because we weren't told what happened to him, either.

Oh, and Maskemane came back all okay and gave 2 of the 6 masks the King had to each of the 3 survivors of his group (Sram girl, Sram guy, Vampire guy), and him doing this monologue about how they'd go and remake the Masqeraiders. Cue "WE ARE MASKEMANE!!!" while they all looked out from a cliff at the sunrise. The end.

Long story short, Chapter 12 made no sense whatsoever.
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