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Anyone have the ORIGINAL wakfu music?

By T1gerator - MEMBER - December 20, 2008, 01:44:16
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Oh wow... thank you for the fantastic contribution!
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Is this the music you were looking for?
If so I'm glad I could help you after 5 years of waiting tongue 
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It is! But not all of it, unfortunately. There's still some music out there that I don't have, but I'm sure it'll show up sooner or later.
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Dura-cell, Schribbe, thank you so much.
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Thank you all! Thanks to Hudski and others I also have the complete, current OST. I'm a happy camper smile 
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I just wanted to say. Thank you, SO MUCH. I can't believe you posted this thread like 10 years ago.

God, I was so excited for Wakfu as a kid and I remember there were a few of those songs on that page with the buttons that were just incredible. I even downloaded them, but unfortunately lost them to a hard drive. And when the website was taken down, I thought I lost them forever. 

But omg, I'm so happy I get to listen to them again after over a decade. Wow, thank you to all of you so much! <3 Ily ily ily ily ily I thought I had lost them forever. 

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