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By December 20, 2008, 00:44:18
Does anyone know where I can find wallpaper for Wakfu?
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biggrin, it's a bit invented, I post this in french forum.
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Link doesn't work. Sorry sad
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Oh yes I forgotten !! XXXXXXX = Name of the class (?) in french biggrin
static2.wakfu. com/img/wallpapers/iop_1280.jpg
static2.wakfu. com/img/wallpapers/iopette_1280.jpg
static2.wakfu. com/img/wallpapers/iop_1024.jpg

Who are you looking for ?
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interesting quote,garnet. tongue

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anyone know if it have bigger ones?? like 1440x900?
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There never been any wallpaper of this rez but you can still check on Hebus, there is a lot of "fan-wallpapers".
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Are there any wallpapers of the scenery instead?
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