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[Mini animation] "Eliatrope children"

By Remingtonisbestboi#1789 - MEMBER - June 15, 2021, 23:34:53
I am somewhat back on my wakfu phase since I went back to playing the game. To celebrate Athal reaching level 110, I made a small animation to his honor. A character that was essentially the Prince of Brakmar redesign has turned into something that borders on fanon recreation and full-on OC, and has also become my strongest character in the game. Not to mention a great source of fond memories of playing and rping with my friends. So, yeah. I love my spoiled little brat to bits, and I will continue to pamper him.

This is a scene taken from season 2 episode: "The council of Twelve" from the wakfu series. First clip is the original scene, second is the re-animated version and third is with sound and added effects 
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