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So did I just get a real life Orb of "Living Wakfu"? xD

By rhayam - MEMBER - February 23, 2020, 01:58:03


  I recently got Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates.  So I made a video to share it with my friends, including some Wakfu friends.   That talking with them, I realized their glow looks to be similar to Wakfu energy. 

  So, did I just got an Orb of "Living Wakfu"?  pensivemellowcoolbiggrin

  Here is the video I made showing the Orb after the 4th day that I set it up:


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The company that distribute them, did offer a glass dinosaur container at first, because the algae is a DINO-flagellate.   laugh
Sadly, I think is not offered any more. sad

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After one month, the Orb is a little more "Wakfuish". happy

[Update August 6, 2020]
And then I decided to try another source named BioGlo. wink
And yes, it will be dark for a few minutes until I start shaking thing up. tongue

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