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Wakfu Gameplay Series!! - INTRODUCTION

By HYD-KyoJin - MEMBER - December 10, 2018, 18:49:31

Hiya Guys!!

The new update is near and i am excited to announce that i will start to play wakfu "again" as a fresh, new, young incarnate!!
You can follow my journey on my youtube channel where we will discover the world of twelve in a gameplay series in the level range from level 0 to 100!!
If this series goes right i will also do a level 100 to 200 series!!
Watch the introduction video here:

Hope you enjoy it!! Stay tuned for the first episode of the gameplay series as we will be discovering the secrets of Incarnam!

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Good on you bro ^^ I think this is a really nice way to promote the game and show others how much fun it is to play! back when I still created content for youtube I also started my own little series with the same intent so I wish you all the best and I'll definitely be following :3 keep up the amazing work.

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