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Doing a let's play of Wakfu, going to see how much of the game I can "solo", tips appreciated :)

By FullyAuto - MEMBER - June 02, 2018, 13:14:41

Hey everyone,


Edit - Episode list:

Episode 1 - Smashing through some tutorial quests:

Episode 2 - Making pizza badly:

Episode 3 - Gearing, leveling and leveling up trapping through dungeons:
         Episode 3 ... and a half! - Explaining the classes I choose and their builds:

My name is Matt or DonHoliday, I've been playing Wakfu and Dofus before that on and off for years! The last time I properly played this game was back when Bygone was the best item in the game, or I think it was? Hope so too, spent a long time trying to get mine! I can't remember what the new area was that got released when I last played, but it added some new content and increased the level cap!

Anyway, I've rejoined the game but I decided to start "fresh", so it's my same account to make use of the x3 exp rates, and to steal my costumes/mounts/pets! But completely new characters. I'm trying to build a "solo" team, so a tank, healer and dps and I'll see how far I can get.

My computer is having a real hard time lately, it's CPU just keeps overheating and sadly I don't have the money to fix it right now, so please forgive the low frame-rate. The editing is a little choppy too, but it's intentional, there's a lot of content to get through at the start of the game so I tried to squish my first hour down to about 7 minutes or so. 

Onto the video itself, my team is so far looking like this:

Tank/Damage - Ouginak
Healer/Damage - Masq
Damage - Cra

I have a single target mount, an AoE mount and a Melee mount, so I'll try to figure out if this team is the best to make use of those and figure out who should use what! 

Anyway, all comments are greatly appreciated smile

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I love the idea, though Idk how good ouginak is meta tank atm is usually feca cus it can support so hard. I like the effort you are giving this, keep up the great job!

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Hey thanks man biggrin I'm completely out of touch with the game to be honest, I've tried Pandawa tank in the past, Fogger tank, Feca tank and Sacrier tank, but never enjoyed playing any of them, so fingers crossed I can pull off Ouginak haha!

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Liked and subscribed on your channel. 
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Thank you very much biggrin welcome to - erm, I don't really have a name for my sub "army" to be honest, but welcome smile I really appreciate it! Already working on getting members of my discord to join the game, convinced ... one, so far! haha!

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Just a quick post to let anyone reading this know that I'll be updating the main post with all the new episodes and any others I do too smile Thanks for all the interest, really exciting to upload a game I've loved for years and receive the likes and attention it is! 

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