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Ankama Trackers
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By Veecyn - MEMBER - February 01, 2018, 15:09:54

I've made a trilogy of videos on the professions, and I'm starting a new series on the ultimate bosses.
I am a French videographer but I also think of the English-speaking community.
That's why I work hard to offer you English subtitles.
My translations are not perfect but I hope that they will allow for a good understanding of the videos.
The subtitles are available for the first video on the professions and the first video on the ultimate bosses.


If you're ever comfortable with both languages, here's the Youtube contribution tool to help you improve my translations.

The tool
Thank you dear community and wish you a good game!

Good viewing! And thank you all!

PS: Special thanks to Codebracker for helping me !

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make video with mineral tower too please? biggrin

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Score : 61

It's planned! Thank you for your interest!

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Aw man.. this reminds me of the wish I have of Wakfu being as popular in the world as it is in France. sad If we had that many people playing the game, the international community would naturally have more content like yours.

Well, good job anyway! I don't speak french, so I'm looking forward it being entirely subtitled!

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Thanks, i will do my best !

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