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By biscuit999 - MEMBER - March 11, 2017, 13:33:54

Im wondering if there are any good (english) wakfu youtubers out there, wether it be guides, lets play or pvp commentaries. I'd really like to know, or if you have a channel dedicated to wakfu content feel free to promote it.

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gappa, but he has stopped posting video now.. good guides for the earlier quests.


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Most Wakfu streamers/youtubers don't usually last more than a few weeks/months.
*The biggest one we had was Mango, which was practically.. or perhaps directly(?) sponcered by Ankama's marketing department.

*He was always streaming new content/patches from the beta server and giving away codes (for free pets, sidekicks, ect) during stream.

But he left Wakfu after about a year or so after a conflict of ideas with the devs (he had an issue with the direction they were taking the game and how they were handling/ignoring "player feedback").

For me personally, I don't really publish videos anymore on wakfu, most are just one shots of simple things like these (below) that I make/share on specific topics.

*Osa shows Iop, how to feca

But if you're interested in seeing much more detailed videos/guides from Wakfu's beta, I have an entire playlist dedicated to those. ;3

Forum Link:

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As a bit of a sidenote:
It would be nice to see Wakfu dedicate some resources to promoting streamers/youtubers or even just artists/webcomics.

What makes a game grow and retain it's popularity is usually it's "community dedication". *Active communities make even the worst/craptastic games seem appealing and hard to walk away from.

Even games with limited content, like League of Legends and Overwatch, benifit from active comminities keeping them popular.

Both of these games are far more redundant in their content compared to Wakfu (same set of characters, fighting in the same set of maps, using the same rule sets accordingly) yet have far bigger communities due, in part, to the devs/game company embracing and promoting the community and their creations.

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Some pvp videos on my chanel:

(i'm german but maybe you like them)
There are also guides, let´s plays and other stuff but like i sayed, german.

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