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some old spells i would love to see back in the next update

By cawleerr#6893 - MEMBER - January 07, 2023, 19:22:57

especially the healing tear, what do u guys think ?    
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Oh I wholeheartedly agree, it was part of my prroposition for the Hupper revamp to reverse this beauty and bring back "Healer Hupper" (plus he old rune interaction felt better)
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Granthese#6501|2023-01-07 23:24:34
Oh I wholeheartedly agree, it was part of my prroposition for the Hupper revamp to reverse this beauty and bring back "Healer Hupper" (plus he old rune interaction felt better)

i agree the old rune interactions were better, the old rune interactions were apparently more > '' the more runes u have the stronger u get'' while the current one is more like '' the last rune generated will do X effect'' , i guess the current one is more controlable but i would argue it just makes less rewarding to play more elements 

i want healer hupper so bad lmao, i mean we do need more healers in the game, this is a good chance to add mroe support in the game. i honestly dont mind losing dmg even that means healing or some support back 
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i dont think huppers should be converted to a healer, but i do strongly believe that there is room for huppers to have a build that caters towards a type of gameplay that doesn't really exist in wakfu so far: enchanter

we have a couple of classes that can buff, but by and large, a lot of the damage dealer classes in this game are completely independent. they buff themselves and do damage by themselves and what they have is what they have. i'd love to see huppermage be the first in a series aimed at introducing a new type of support role to the game that's aimed at amplifying their teammates' abilities, and i think their "mastery theft" idea is a perfect candidate.

huppers feel like a perfect fit. if they're given a few tools to distribute the mastery they steal to their teammates, spend QB to boost their teammates' (or their own) MP and damage, apply barrier to their teammates (an effect we haven't seen outside of the Eternal Sword since drip armour got changed) and to apply +damage to their teammates (another effect exclusive to the Eternal Sword), we could see the start of a strong new type of support that could be further fleshed out along other offense-oriented supports that already exist like Ecaflip (currently able to buff crits), Masqueraider (able to buff crits, DI, give backstab, and set up for AoEs) and Eniripsa (currently lacking a secondary role, but their marks are another perfect candidate for this style of gameplay). since hupper is the only class of these that wouldn't be able to heal, i think that they should be the one that does it the best. the archetypical enchanter support that can bolster their allies far beyond their normal limits!

offensive supports have yet to find their niche and i think that the huppermage rework is a splendid opportunity to open those floodgates.

of course, if you want your huppermage to deal damage, they should still be fully capable of doing that on their own if you build them that way. i'd just like to see a new type of build, since classes that can only do one job seem to struggle to find a place on a team as soon as there's any competition that does it better, and boy does huppermage have a lot of competition that does it better.
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we dont want hupper to be a healer entirely we just want the option back, im sure huppermge will retain dmg role, old hupper had some cool supporting that i think could be fun now, also i feel like there is far less offensive support in the game than there was before so im not sure if they want to go there 
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Yeah that'd be lovely. Let us be red mages again! It'd be very nice to be a jack of all trade class again.

Also Visio wasn't even busted imo. They could lower the bonus range even and i'd still be pleased to have it back.
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Actually he can heal team with fire rune, you can share your heals and it is good 
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