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Entropi's Huppermage guide

By cawleerr#6893 - MEMBER - June 26, 2022, 19:44:42
i made an extensive guide on huppermage to explain the mechanics of the class and every single passif and active in the class 

the guide's link

all the math is verified and done by me. 
if you have any question or comment pls add it bellow, i will add a more advanced section in the next couple of days with combos and ways to maximise your dmg in combat and different ways to play, as long as i play the guide will be kept updated if there is any changes . enjoy happy huppermaging all 
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Damn, congrats to work. It's an incredible guide.
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Good work. Very in depth. Didn't know about the 20%+3 QB cost on HoF. Looks like a small mathematical trick, probably to prevent some rounding issue.
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with the annoucement of the hupper rework in the first update of 2023, this guide would be updated as soon as the new hupper hits live, and to whoever this guide was helpful make sure to be there in the beta discord and give feedback on the new hupper , and ty mellow
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written as of (05/12/2022)
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This guide looks really good! Looking forward to the post hupper rework update now it's on live servers smile
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im working on it smile
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Heyy! I'm new to wakfu, i've been playing with a friend for a week +/-. I've tried a couple classes and tbh, Huppermage felt the best for me. I'm a Dofus 2/retro player and i didnt try huppermage there either xD I'm getting the hang of it now, but i'm still lost on so many things, there's no real guideway for low level, its always for lvl 100+ xD I've been googling for the past few days hahaha! I saw that your guide isnt up to date by one of the comments, I was wondering if you've done it? i'm sure it takes a lot of time to do so, so i'll be here praying for some help xD I just got lvl 54 I think and I invested in 12ap gear since I saw a combo online that was decent even tho I didnt have the passives and what not! You're doing gods work!
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