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Amary's Hupper Guide

By just-walking-around#3530 - MEMBER - July 10, 2021, 14:13:43

Hello everyone! My name is Young, a huppermage who barely speak english, but writing my first guide.
My focus is PvP (110) and I lose so many matches just to learn what works and what don't works. I expect this guide be helpfull to have more huppers stronger than me on battlefields. I'll be updating this guide if it's necessary.

Let's talk about a Fire/Earth Build, with a good sustain using marrow bone:
  • It's better to have more Melee than Area Mastery because the area effect of ressonance is big enough to acidentally kill your party members. With this and a Breese Sublimation you'll be more safe about your team. Otherwise use a Brutality if you can.
  • Iniciative and Lock are important, for recharging your QB faster and don't be annoyed for some people reaching your back just by walking. This class can't recover if they are attacked first at the begging of the battle, for not having enough QB or runes to heal then selfs. This can be a insta-lose for huppers.
  • The Fire and Earth Mastery should be equal. Some itens that gives one elemental mastery don't work very well in this build.
Beginning with the deck I use. You can switch Heart of Fire by Solar Stronghold (depending on what classes you are confronting). It don't need to have a water spell and I'll explain later.
It's a important step to know since you can make a lot of mistakes on beginning. Every last created rune gives 10% of elemental mastery on they own element, making able to change the elemental type of Light Sword without stealing elemental mastery, also increasing a bit of damage. Let me explain some spells:
A simple spell that does fire damage and steals fire mastery. Be carefull since the stealed mastery increase just a small amount of damage and make you unable of using earth element on light sword in your next turn. The secundary effect is more interesting. Always when you have a Fire Rune and cast this spell in a empty cell you obtain a Air Rune and a Air Tellu'rune, making you able to teleport with Principio Valere.
A versatile spell that can push/pull enemys and allys. This gives to hupper a good support ability for teammates that can't reach the enemies or needing to be pulled. Also you can push enemies to get they sides or pull those long range classes.
A simple spell that does earth damage and steals earth mastery. You'll always be using as the last spell of a combo to get the 10% earth mastery bonus when you need healing, or for pushing someone with diurnal.
This spell switch runes to they opposite element. You'll always be using to transform a Fire Rune into a Water Rune to increase your healing, or for pulling someone with diurnal.
This spell save one AP and a rune, placing a wisp in the field. First, be carefull where you place it, most of classes can push, pull and switch places. I recomend always saving a Fire Rune to ensure a Water Rune in your next turn. If you need to teleport next turn, saving a Air Rune is viable too. 
Main Spells
The main damage of a huppermage. It does two damages: The first one is a normal fire damage. The second, using a air rune, is a ireducible damage that ignores shields and resistence. Just block, barrier and melee barrier can reduce a lot this damage.
The main healing of a huppermage. It does damage and transforms in healing. A PvE example with 4 runes (120% steal): "If your enemy have 100HP left and you give him 500 damage with light sword, you'll receive 600HP". But light sword gives two attacks. If you kill in the first attack, the second don't count. Also it does light damage so you can switch it's elemental type.
When the huppermage can't reach your enemy or do something in your turn, this spell is viable. Using it with collapse you get a good amount of shield and QB. It increase the shield obtained by criting but removes Earth Tellu'rune, just make you unable to apply stab.
A cheap spell that switch places with someone. This gives hupper a good mobility even more in team battles. You can't use to attack enemys from back but, you can take advantage of people that places they marrow bones on back and people who summons a lot of things on field. Also it cost 1 AP when you have Heart of Fire activated.
Other Spells
When activated, it gives 20% more damage and with passive, 80 elemental resistence. Even with your QB diminishing, you can keep this mode until you actually cast QB. I recommend activate this before you use light sword on marrow bone and deactivate when the cooldown of marrow bone is finishing.
The most annoying spell in game. It work better with some classes to make they wast AP. Be carefull to don't spam and use it when the enemy prepares to attack. I recomend activate this after you use light sword on marrow bone. Let's check some classes:
The berzerk classes are a little predictable but sacrier highlights amoung them. Sacrier wasts about 8 AP to break a full QB. If you use stronghold + stabilized they can do nothing. Don't forget to activate stronghold when they resurrect!

Enutrofs and Eliotropes wast about 10-12 AP/MP to break a full QB. Rogues are trick ones because it's not safe you'll survive, don't let them accumulate too many bombs and try to mess up they bombs setup, a full QB can tank something depending on how great are yours resistences and sublimations.

Osamodas, Huppers and Ecaflips are classes that you can use stronghold but it's unnecessary.

Iops, Ouginaks and Masqueraiders can easily break a full QB stronghold because all of them have spells that cost MPs.

Fecas, Pandawas and Srams are indirect-damage dealers so they didn't even touch you.
Here's the tier-list with all the classes:

The most versatile spell in hupper's deck. The principal effects is Incurable and Stabilized, so be carefull about teleporting because you'll be without this spell in your next turn, sometimes let your enemies reach you if they are close combat classes. It's a very important spell that can secure your victory, also is the only spell that can aplies Sharing, this can give you a advantage.
Actually my favorite passive. This makes QB spells a bit cheaper and unlocks Eclipse spell. Shields reduces half of huppers damage and this spell works in every situation, breaking every shield in game. Just a fact, the player's maximum shield is equal to half of player's life, so the effect of this spell is huge. Just don't be fooled by your enemy, it's 4 turns of recharge and you can be in trouble if you cast for nothing.
Marrow Bone
The Favorite Snack of Enutrofs because how low is the earth resistence of this bone. You deal dooble the damage using earth, breaking it after two light swords (208 QB with passive), it just have about 1000HP so you'll heal 1200HP to 1500HP (without sublimations). This spell need 4 turns to recharge so use soon as possible. It's a little predictable to enemies guess when the hupper will heal then selfs just by seeing they runes.
Thanks for reading! It's all my knowlegde about huppermage and I apreciate leaning more about this class. If you have a question about this guide, please give a comment below and I'll try to answer. See you all in game!
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hey, great build for fire/earth hupper. do you have different builds ?

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thanks! It's the only build I have knowlegde but I'd like to try others and make guides about. n.n

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