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It is worth spending points in Single Target damage or elemental efficiency?

By ComedorDePao#9022 - MEMBER - April 07, 2021, 17:32:31

Hello, Huppermage players biggrin 

I'm actually playing with my second char in the game that is a Huppermage lvl 33, in the very beginning of my journey. The problem is that i've spent most of my points in the increase of Single Target Spells damage instead of the Elemental Efficiency, and because of that I'm feeling until the moment that this increase doesnt helping anything at all. Futhermore my Hupper has a full kit of equipament focused in Single Target (Green Piwi Set) but my damage is too low.

I've already tried to compare my damage with this kit on and off. The difference was a 10 points damage, and the kit gives around 80 Single target mastery(not counting the ST mastery of my char). 

What is the best option to spend points? Should I give up of focusing in increase ST? 

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If you're running a single target build you should be stating single target mastery. Those secondary masteries give 8 mastery per point and the elemental only gives 5. Your damage will suffer in the long term if you choose to just go for elemental mastery.

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I understand. I was thinking in doing a mix between this stats

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Investing points into the masteries like single target, area of effect, distance, and melee is more effective than investing into generic elemental mastery. In general when designing a build you want to try to build a spell deck where all the spells you use are utilizing the same two core masteries, where those two masteries are one of the following combos:

Single target + distance
Area of effect + distance
Single target + melee
Area of effect + melee

Then focus on pumping those two masteries that you selected to their max of 20 points first, and dump the rest of your points into elemental mastery. The key is to select spells for your deck which will benefit from those two masteries, and ensure that all your spells are benefiting from the same two masteries. If you have a mix of distance and melee skills or area of effect and single target spells you will end up in a scenario where you can't reach as high of a mastery on all your spells and some of your spells will have weak damage.


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as hupper u need elemental mastery over single/distance/cac/zone mastery.

With any other is like they said u want to put specific mastery.

Why hupper need elemental mastery? Its because how his passives works. To really get the full power on the hupper u need to have everything on elemental mastery. That boost big time in compare of just put single target dist etc mastery.

I tryed on beta and always the elemental mastery/crit hupper does way bigger damage than a single/dist  /crit hupper 200 bc .

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