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The sixth of my team (Hupper main)

By Zeviru#8962 - MEMBER - March 16, 2021, 23:18:58

Hello to everyone,

I am currently starting to play wakfu, my main character which is a huppermage is currently level 70 (pretty low I know tongue). I am playing in a really casual way and I plan on building a PvM team that can handle all content. My plan is to play on nights as a chill activity and want a good team.

Currently I have Huppermage-Eniripsa-Pandawa-Enutrof-Eliotrope

My problem has been the sixth character. I have no preference and like lots of classes, was thinking maybe a iop, a sram, a zobal, a sacri or even an osa but dunno what would be the best compliment as a sixth character here and would love any help or opinion. Thanks 


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It seems like you have all non-damage roles covered with a tank (panda), healer (eni), map manipulation/mobility (panda/elio), and debuffing (enu), so if your current DDs all play ranged, then consider something that can self-heal like sram or sac. Either of these will make sure that you have all 4 elements covered for damage too.

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Thanks a lot for your answer

So it would be a good idea to have 5 characters in the second account and maybe have sac-sram and iop? or other to fill the last spot and change depending on dungeon? or just go with one I believe sram I like and play 6 

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You've got it exactly right: main account has 3 you will always play/need (hupper, panda, eniripsa as default dmg/tank/heals), then the rest (enu, elio, sram, sac, iop) on the other account. That way, you can swap in and out that 6th team slot between sram/sac/iop depending on the content. It also leaves you 2 slots on the main account to experiment with others you might want to try, like feca/fogger tank, sadi/masq heals, feca/sadi/masq shields/support, etc. These experiments come in handy if you want to tackle high-stasis runs, as team sustain is much more important than in normal mode.

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Elio + Hupper Damage
Panda Tank
Eni Heal
Enu Resistance strip and MP rip

Looks like yu need an Armorer. 
Armorers are very important for higher level dungeons because they can negate alot of damage, especially from boss nukes.

This also prevents yur team from racking up too much Heal Resist from misc. damage. 

Feca or Sadi would be nice.
I recommend Feca since their positioning, armor, buffs and immunities are good for yur team, which revolves around having Panda in danger while everyone is free to hover around. 

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my thoughts exactly. your team comp currently doesn't feature a class that gives armour.

masqueraider is also good at doing this, and here's the pros and cons

feca just outputs the most armour, full stop. it occupies the tank/support crossroads, and has a bunch of different defensive effects it can activate, including an immunity to damage. it's also a good positioner, able to teleport targets to glyphs. probably the most complicated of the three with the most depth, but it's rewarding, and plays very well with a bunch of sublimations.

masqueraider outputs a decent amount of armour, and occupies the support/damage/healing crossroads. it has fantastic mobility and clutch positioning, plus it features a revival spell. mask also comes with a variety of teamwide (4 cell aoe) buffs whenever they equip a mask, one of which being a crit buff. their support collisions are also extremely powerful.

sadida outputs the least armour of the three, and occupies the support/healing crossroads. however, its support capability is enormous. in addition to a revive, it can also lower a target's resistances tremendously, and increase damage inflicted for their teammates, plus has probably the most versatile positioning spell in the game, albeit one of their only ones. their main feature is the ability to self-stabilise by turning into a tree, which can be done every other turn and overrides any "cannot be stabilised" states. it comes in handy at higher levels.

make one of each and play around, find the one you like the best. the fun thing about armour is that it's not boosted by any stats so you don't really have to gear these characters beyond getting them the ap/mp/res/hp that they need, so they're super cheap to get up and go.

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Taking from everyone's feedback, you can also interchange Panda with Foggernaut as a Tank. After the revamp, this thing is an ANCHOR now, you can pretty much drop it in front of the enemy and he WILL-NOT-MOVE. It can triplicate its lock, buff resistance, place rails for team mobility, push, pull, slide, generate a solid amount of armour, even grant to other allies and the blockade is surpringly sturdy.

Plus it got a little cheat, put two passives at the same time (Flaming Carapace and Gear Amputation) and you will have a permanent flaming and 8% damage boost as long as you have the conditions to generate High Pressure instead of Overheating. Great for quick battles or Melee brawling! Otherwise, Cyclic Battery to generate Overheating/High Pressure 2x faster in bossfights.

Plus, you can create a secondary build of Range DD if you won't need an anchor tank or Melee brawler in your fight (like bosses that can't really be locked and/or are not good to fight Melee)

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