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Advice for 9AP/500 QB Rotation

By Jestine#5286 - MEMBER - September 28, 2020, 16:57:30

Hello, my IGN is Illiux, I just started playing Wakfu last week and created a Sram. Now I'm trying Huppermage after hours of research and deliberation if I can actually try a complex class. I'm now lvl 30 with 9AP and 500QB and I still can't figure out what rotation I should do. I always find myself only using the first 4 elemental spells and Light Arrow. I also don't know when to use the wisp skill or Solar Stronghold and if I should use Twilight Beam. Can someone provide some insight on what spells I should use?

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You can also do Energy flux 2x+Light of Dawn. LoD deals extra damage with a fire rune, and Energy Flux (alongside all first elemental spells) steals 100 elemental mastery per use. And this combo costs exactly 9AP. You can also be a little creative and alternate Enegy Flux with Light of Dawn. And if that becomes stale, use Energy Flux and then Wallop (with a fire rune, Wallop gives you +5% crit per use)

As for Twilight Beam, its stronger the more QB you have, so use it when your QB reaches 500. Solar Stronghold is a defensive spell that ALSO works better with full QB (or low QB once you encounter items that take away WP*).

*Each Wakfu Point is transformed into 75QB for the Huppermage.

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