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Huppermage 200 lvl: High QB or low QB

By AquariaLorten - MEMBER - July 29, 2020, 01:09:46

Greetings, everyone. I have a huppermage lvl 195. Situation comes to making a build 200 lvl for my hupper, but I have a choice: Low QB or High QB. I never had a problem of damage before, but 200 lvl armor is way different, so I'm starting to work on it now. I was using high QB(which happened accidentally because of armor), but I'm seeing more and more people using low QB. It makes me confused. 
Maybe some of you would give recommendations, please, and small guide about these two builds: Low QB and High QB(for dealing damage). Which one are you using and why? 
~Thank you ^^

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Currently, I am using a very low QB build on huppermage. I have -6 WP on the gear I am using and it puts me to a grand total of... 50 QB. This allows me to not only use the HOF + Dynamo passive for 20% dmg inf, and 80 res. But I can also use pulsation passive to give me another +50 res. This build utilizes the passives that decrease the cost of a single light spell (use with a lot of AP) so that you can build abundance (my build is 14 AP/5 MP, but it will work with 13, or even 12). The low QB allows you to use Stronghold for 5 hits every turn if you would of like (not in HOF). Here is the spell deck:

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i have both builds on lv 200 and on multiple als sets . it isnt a clear choice between both . but here 

-Low QB pros :
-80 res from dynamo (from maintain Hof) 

-more freedom in dealing dmg  means ur less tided to specific combos 

- slightly higher first turn dmg 

- easier use of the stronghold 
Low QB cons :

- less dmg  in cituations where theres only 1 target (UBS bosses etc) 

-very shallow passif choice 

-slightly harder to build 

High QB pros : 

- higher dmg - burst dmg on third / forth turn and consistance dmg on the others without  maintain heart of fire 

- more freedom to make best use of certain passifs ( influx - new breath )

- not only twilight can be used to burst using high QB all light spells can be spammed 

High QB cons : 

-hard to use 

-significantly more limiting 

-sometimes not usable due to burst dmg being ''more demanding'' than consistance 

all in all it isnt much of a clear choice . there isnt  a better choice it also depend on the team u will play with ur playstyle and ur preferences and which is more fun 
. i advice u to try both if u can and pick ur preferences . 
here are some basic combos with both 
*u dont use any light spell in the first turn except mirage 

for low QB :
- get 4 runes while keeping ur dominant element last . spam mastery stealing spell . second turn  spam more masteyr stealing spells and light arrow  . then from on forward arrow everyturn and maintain light arrow ( if u use light arrow that is ) 

for high QB : 
-same thing . but on the third /forth turn go hof spam all the elemental spells that suits u and cast twilight  

if got further informations msg me ingame i might be able to help u more 
IGN :entropi 

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Summing up the big walls of text:
Low QB = Easy to keep Heart of Fire, Solar Stronghold, etc. (since it consumes a PERCENTAGE of QB, so the lower the QB, the lower this percentage means)

Heart of Fire: 20% damage buff, with Dynamo passive it gives you 80 elemental resistance as well.

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I prefer Low QB personally. I stay at 200 QB. 50 is a bit low to me since you have to use certain passives at that point to even be able to use light spells. With 200 you can maintain HoF for the 20% and 80 res while still basically using light spells each time you're at about 40 abundance. The only passive you cant really use with a low QB spell is the Max QB increasing one which isnt much of a problem IMO.

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